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  • “Some days you just have to create your own sunshine”
Dr. Shiny Mathew
" Little stones make big mountains.....
Little steps can cover miles
Little acts of loving kindness
Give the world its biggest smiles....
I have titled my thought

“Small Bits Matter a Lot”

Have you ever watched an icicle form on a cold winter day?
Have you noticed how the dripping water froze, one drop at
a time, until the icicle was a foot long or more? If the water
was clean, the icicle remained clear and sparkled brightly
in the sun; but if the water was slightly muddy, the icicle
looked cloudy, its beauty spoiled.
We must remain concerned at all times about the ‘droplets’
that influence others. Each thought or feeling adds its
influence. Each decision we make, on matters great or small,
will contribute to our singular identity.
Encourage others to develop habits of love, truth and
goodness that will silently mould and fashion them into the
image of GOD and give them a firm foundation, building
the character like the crystal clear icicle.

Let me leave you with this little thought-
The LITTLE things in life matter-
Little words can soothe big troubles

Little hugs can dry big tears
Little candles light the darkness
Little dreams can lead to greatness
God Bless
Ms. shiny Mathew "