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  • Periodic Test -1 begins on 25th July 2019. Arts Fest Celebration will be conducted on July 17,18...

School Anthem

Hail! Christ Nagar Alma Mater! Hail!
We, thy children, in white and blue,
Around thy glorious banner stand,
With lamps lit from thy sacred Light
To guide our steps in th’ encircling gloom,
Singing the hymn of the Rishis of yore.
“Tamaso ma jyothir gamaya”
God bless our glorious Alma Mater!
In faith and hope we’ll march ahead
In quest of Truth that liberation brings
From bondage of falsehood, ignorance and death
Ush’ring in the Lord’s joy
As we chant the Maharshi’s hymn,
“Asato ma Sat gamaya”
O glorious Christ Nagar, Alma Mater!
Teach us to love and bright’n the world,
That is crippled and broken apart,
By our own greed, hate and malice.
O! help us heal this moribund world,
And make it whole, an abode of peace.
“Mrityor ma Amritham gamaya”
“Asato ma Sat gamaya
Tamaso ma Jyothir gamaya
Mrityor ma Amritham gamaya”
(God bless Christ Nagar Alma Mater!)