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  • CHRIS AROMA 2018-2019 - 22/12/2018

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About Christ Nagar Central School Kuchapuram

Christ Nagar Central School Kuchapuram is an English medium co-education school, Established in 2008. It has extensive infra structural facilities, talented instructional personnel and is committed to the development of personality with co-curricular, athletic, and sports training. To create an awareness that each individual is a precious gift of God to be respected and encouraged by all, we conduct moral science and value education classes for the spiritual formation and impart Life Skill Education with an integral formative programme.

“Every human being is a precious gift of God to humanity and the best service that one can do is to help children become better citizens by providing excellent education”.


  • Tarunkumar (Regional Officer, CBSE)

    "Christ Nagar Central School is wonderful and well managed institution. The school bestows good infrastructure, trained, disciplined staff and people with clean and big heart. The school has organised investiture ceremony in wonderful, well managed manner. I wish them success for all the efforts made in their endeavour. All the best and bless them."